About Us

The Whip-it! Brand cream chargers were developed by the original factories in Switzerland in the 1940’s. United Brands recognized the need to create efficient and innovative designs in addition to quality whip cream. A partnership was formed and Whip-it! was introduced for the food service industry. ​

Worldwide sales of Whip-it! Dispensers and chargers have been fueled by an increase in coffee consumption, for which N2O-charged fresh cream dispensers are increasingly favored for better quality over aerosolized whipped cream cans.

United Brands has become a strong presence, recognized name and driving force in the commercial coffee, upscale restaurant and hospitality industries. Over the last ten years, Whip-It! has introduced multiple new brands and products including soda siphons, butane torches and stoves. ​

What People Say

Whip-It! is the go-to canister for all my needs whether hot or cold, it will never let you down.

Gabriel Rucker, Executive Chef/Co-Owner
Le Pigeon

We rely on tools that are easy-to-use with a high level of efficiency. The Whip-It! Flex torch is just that — allowing us to brûlée our pastries with speed and consistency.

Jonathan Whitener, Chef/Owner
Here’s Looking At You

There are a lot of generic whipped cream dispensers and chargers out there but the only ones we trust to use on a daily basis are made by Whip-It Brand.  Our customers deserve the best.

Adam Tortosa, Chef/Owner, Robin

I am a big fan of the Whip-It Brand products! I am always looking for ways to be more efficient in the kitchen and their products assist me in achieving that goal.

Alison Trent, Chef, Ysabel

Whip-It! allows us to add an array of textures and concentrate flavors through its ability to carbonate and infuse things quickly and consistently time after time

Gareth Evans, Chef, Gwen

As a Food Service professional in this field for the past twenty years, I have come to appreciate quality products and craftsmanship. Whip-It! Brand dispensers and cream chargers are just that, some of the best products on the market. They make my job easier and more consistent on a day to day basis.

Greg Mosko, Corporate Pastry Chef,Gage Hospitality Group

I love using my Whip-It! brand dispenser to make unique charged cocktails, foams, and infusions. The Whip-It brand Flex torch is a welcome addition to my bar. Smoke, flamed twists, charred herbs and spices are a breeze.

Kim Stodel, Mixologist

I have been using Whip It-Brand products for a long time and they have never let me down!  Whether I am using the dispensers or chargers, the quality always holds up to our standards.

Kim Alter, Chef/Owner, Nightbird

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